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    Garcinia Vita UK fiber can be bought in powder form or in Garcinia Vita UK form of bran in pharmacies and supermarkets. If you do not eat enough vegetables, fruits, you can enrich your diet with fiber, adding it to dishes or just eating separately, not forgetting to drink with liquid. Oh yes, now about potatoes and pasta, these two products are Garcinia Vita UK subject of controversy for many losing weight. There is a lot of starch in Garcinia Vita UK potato, and pasta is made from flour, but their “behavior” in your body depends on Garcinia Vita UK method of preparation and serving. For example, a jacket potato, which you peel and serve with fresh vegetables, will not bring harm to Garcinia Vita UK figure, not to say about fried potatoes or mashed potatoes (I am silent about chips, they should not be in a healthy diet at all). Garcinia Vita UK same story with pasta - you should not lightly cook them and buy only those pasta that says “made from durum wheat”. Adding butter, oily patties will not make them healthier. If you want to combine pasta with protein products, then choose lean meat or fish, low-fat cheese, cottage cheese. What are simple carbohydrates? Garcinia Vita UK name speaks for itself - for Garcinia Vita UK digestion of simple carbohydrates, Garcinia Vita UK body practically does not need time and energy, they are partially digested in your mouth - when interacting with saliva, and are absorbed literally within an hour, after which you will most likely want supplements. Simple carbohydrates include all natural sugars - fructose, glucose, lactose, maltose and sucrose. You can find them in sweets, products from refined white flour, in fruits and some vegetables, milk and dairy products. An example of simple carbohydrates is Garcinia Vita UK Napoleon cake. Sweet white dough + sweet milk cream - there is nothing worse for a figure if you want to lose weight. It is really easy to gain weight from simple carbohydrates, because they are able to turn into fats with excessive consumption, and also they increase appetite.


    Garcinia Vita UK You ate cakes, and a lot of sweet and starchy foods came into Garcinia Vita UK body. To process all this "wealth" and reduce blood sugar to normal, Garcinia Vita UK hormone insulin is released. It helps simple carbohydrates to be digested as soon as possible - some of them go into glycogen (these are carbohydrate stores in Garcinia Vita UK liver and muscles), and some into fat! After insulin has finished its work, Garcinia Vita UK blood sugar level decreases and - hello again, appetite or even hunger! Why did you want to eat 1.5 hours after Garcinia Vita UK cake, because it was so high-calorie? It's simple - Garcinia Vita UK brain gives a signal that you need to eat when Garcinia Vita UK blood sugar level drops, and you just had a sharp fluctuation in blood sugar - first rise, and then decrease. For this reason, after a plentiful feast in Garcinia Vita UK morning, sometimes we wake up terribly hungry. And also - sweet and floury forms a strong dependence, therefore, abandonment of them will require serious willpower. And fruits can or cannot A special talk about fruits. Fruits and dried fruits contain simple carbohydrates. Their number is less than in flour and sweet, but still quite high. But eating them is still possible and even necessary, because in addition to simple carbohydrates in fruits, there are a lot of complex useful fiber, which, as we remember from Garcinia Vita UK beginning of Garcinia Vita UK article, slows down Garcinia Vita UK absorption of carbohydrates. In addition, fruits contain vitamins and minerals, which would be a mistake to refuse. Just to reduce weight, fruits should be consumed sparingly - about 200 g of fruit or 50 g of dried fruit per day. In general, you should not think that simple carbohydrates are an absolute evil. They contribute to weight gain only if you exceed Garcinia Vita UK recommended rate. A little sweet fruit, dried fruit, a slice of white bread or even 1-2 sweets will not do any harm. Garcinia Vita UK main thing is to know Garcinia Vita UK measure! Just try so that sweets do not accompany you all Garcinia Vita UK time. Believe me, Garcinia Vita UK waiter every time offers to order dessert at Garcinia Vita UK end of Garcinia Vita UK meal, not because it is so right or right according to etiquette. Garcinia Vita UK restaurant just needs to sell as much as possible. But you need to think about yourself, right? Discard Garcinia Vita UK dessert altogether or replace it with fruit salad. At work, stop snacking on cookies and chips.





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